Why Star Field Farm?

Why Star Field Farm?

My sister in law asked me what we were growing, aside from a bumper crop of ticks. (The land consists of quite a lot of woods). While we aren’t farming now – it’s too difficult to manage while doing construction and while living 90 minutes away – I will be using the place as my personal (and ultimately) shared writing retreat space.

The property has a lovely wooden deck/platform area overlooking a wide swath of sky that I have dubbed the ‘sky watching platform’. It now sports a zero gravity outdoor recliner for sky and star gazing.

There is minimal light pollution and on clear nights, the stars are astonishing. When you look up, all you see are fields of stars. Hence, Star Field Farm.

Even better, you can abbreviate that to SFF. Which also stands for Science Fiction and Fantasy, which is what I write

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